Philip's extensive industry experience and network allows him to provide a comprehensive range of services in the following mediums:

Theatre, Opera, Dance, Film, Television, Fashion Runway and Editorial, Concept and Styling, Interior Design, Retail, Visual Merchandising, Gaming, Amusement Parks, Events, Installations, Festivals and Music Performance.

Concept Design - Creating and delivering fully fleshed concepts, worlds and environments.

Scenic Design - Delivering designs from concept creation through to production with a central emphasis on visual story-telling.

Costume Design - Concepting and creating designs across all periods, genres and styles. From the historically accurate to unique creations and current trend-driven looks.

Experience Design - Creating and delivering from design to production with a 360 degree, holistic view across all mediums and disciplines. 

Concept Illustration/Rendering/Storyboarding/Graphic Design - Providing both traditional and digital services that illustrate, capture mood, illuminate ideas, and visually story-tell. High proficiency in Photoshop.

Scale Model Making - Offering both traditional scale model making techniques and 3D digital modelling that empower and articulate the design vision. High proficiency in SketchUp.

Drafting/Technical Drawing - Providing hand drawn or digital drafting that communicate every aspect of the design and its technical specifications.

Scenic Art, Prop Building and Puppetry Consultancy - Bringing world class industry experience and a highly developed attention to detail to the client across all aspects including: specialist paint techniques, sculpting, carving, moulding, casting, special fx and puppetry construction.

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